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Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Think Like a Rocket Scientist
The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

Don’t let your goals stress you out. Keep things enjoyable and straightforward by trying self-improvement challenges! (click on book)

Check free sample

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Why reading 15-minutes every day is effecitive?

Doing so gradually builds up your knowledge and skills. It’s less overwhelming than trying to read for hours at a time, and it improves your ability to focus. Plus, it sets a pattern in your day, making it simpler to keep up with.

Even a small amount of reading each day can accumulate over time. It may not seem like much, but those 15 minutes add up, allowing you to make steady progress through books

Consistent reading allows for gradual expansion of knowledge across different topics. 

On our platform you will find books in the following areas:
– Entreprenurship
– Productivity
– Marketing & Sales
– Managment
– Money & Investments
– Education
– Mindfulness & Happiness
– Personal Development
– Biography & Memoir
– Communication Skills
– Psychology
– Health & Nutrition
– Carrer & Success
– Technology & Future
– Relationships
– AI tools

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On the platform you will find 15-minute summaries of popular books in the areas of investment, motivation and psychology. Additionally, we have prepared mini-courses for you in the areas of artificial intelligence and marketing, mainly graphics, copywriting and freelancing.

After paying for access, you will be automatically transferred to the resources on the platform. A temporary password will be sent to your email address provided earlier. You will be able to change your password at any time on your Profile.

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